Translation resources, new added value

In technical translation, translation memories have become an essential resource for any company with regular translation needs, due to the frequent production of similar content or new versions, for example.

These memories are part of what we now call translation resources, which are created using specialized technologies.

Assets worth looking after

As a strategic part of ensuring the quality and consistency of translated texts, as well as cost optimization, the management of language resources such as:

  • Translation memories
  • Existing translations
  • Glossaries
  • Style guides
  • Blacklists, etc.

has become a task in and of itself and an essential part of the technical translation process.

The goal is thus to centralize, share, and update these resources efficiently and on an ongoing basis.

Measurable gains on all levels

These practices—which some companies with translation needs still do not know about—are a source of significant savings for our customers over the long-term.

They also help to improve quality thanks to control features integrated into the translation tools and environments that we use every day, such as SDL Trados Studio, Passolo, Catalyst, Star Transit, and many others.

For this reason, we use an open approach to determine the technological prerequisites of our customers and then recommend solutions.