Major challenges

Product updates and new versions are an important source of revenue for software vendors. The main challenge is the simultaneous publication of these items in several different languages.

These companies need the help of localization professionals having strong technical skills in addition to language skills.

A need for flexibility and versatility

Companies working in the software industry therefore need localization partners who are in line with its development strategy. Flexibility and versatility are key!

At PassWord Europe, we consider these two qualities to be fundamental. We use the translation, localization, and quality control environments that are best suited to each individual case in order to optimize processes and costs, and to provide the highest quality work.

Continuous commitment

We have proven expertise in software and applications, and even when the process of localization is long, we are there every step of the way.

Whether the product is for businesses or the general public, and regardless of the platform, we contribute to all activities involved in localization, including testing, validation, illustration, and graphic design.

Our specialties

  • Localization of desktop, mobile, and web applications, firmware
  • Resizing of interfaces
  • Screenshots and graphics
  • Online help systems, FAQ
  • Linguistic and functional testing