Our strength lies in our human resources

The selection of appropriate human resources is a key element of the success of each project.

Managing these resources is thus an ongoing effort, and we are constantly developing our linguistic expertise to adequately satisfy the needs of our customers.

A long-term process

This ongoing effort follows industry-wide standards for the provision of language services, and consists of the following:

  • Pre-selection of translators on the basis of specific criteria (qualification, training, experience, areas of specialization, technical skills, etc.)
  • Testing, selection of translators for a first series of projects
  • Initial quality assessment phase, for the translations performed
  • As part of long-term collaboration, an established procedure for continuous improvement of quality, based on feedback reports from the proofreader on the quality of each translation

We will continue to expand our capabilities as new needs arise (language combinations, specializations, or other criteria).

The same selection and quality improvement criteria are used for our internal translators.

Socially responsible ethics and practices

Because we care about the quality of our relationships with our partners, we adhere to respectful business practices and provide fair compensation for all work.

We take the time to properly prepare translation projects, so that all those involved can work in the best possible conditions.

We expect the same consideration and practices from our partners.