Communication tailored to the target market

Marketing and communication content is often full of cultural connotations, through the use of idioms, styles, and registers that are specific to given languages and populations. These texts have a message to convey and have a specific target audience!

The adaptation of such content goes well beyond that of a technical translation as the text must be tailored for a “specialized” public, from a marketing perspective. This is often the case for B2B products and services.

Broad skills and knowledge

In this case more than ever, translation requires a solid understanding of the source language, advanced writing skills in the target language, and a good command of the subject area.

It is also essential that the purpose of the message be clearly understood in the translation. Sometimes this may require some re-writing.

Responsiveness at all times

Often urgent in nature, marketing and communication campaigns are part of a stream of information published and distributed ever more rapidly, via a multitude of digital channels.

Our linguistic and organizational abilities, characterized by quality and responsiveness, make PassWord Europe the ideal partner to successfully manage every aspect of these challenging projects!

Our specialties

  • Marketing brochures
  • Presentations
  • Press releases and campaigns
  • E-marketing campaigns
  • SEO and SEM for web content
  • Videos