Project managers, key players

Are you looking for a go-to point of contact, a person who will be available throughout a project? A person who will answer your questions, effectively organize the work of multi-skilled teams, provide ongoing monitoring, and, in general, be there when you need them?

From the outset of the project to its closure, the various departments of your business will have a single contact person!

Proactivity, our asset

Combining flexibility in operations with management methods that are both thorough and constantly updated, we remain extremely proactive at all times. This is one of our greatest strengths.

We can anticipate issues that will arise during complex projects at an early stage and provide our clients with valuable advice.

Project management, an added value

Most technical translation and localization projects have an important organizational component. To provide for this, we make use of cross-disciplinary expertise at several stages:

  • Analysis of specifications and features (linguistic, technical, formatting)
  • Definition of production processes and selection of tools
  • Establishment of a schedule
  • Selection of appropriate resources
  • Creation of tools needed for production (instructions, style guides, glossaries, checklists, etc.)
  • Interaction with the customer for any questions involved in production, including inevitable changes, or new elements to be taken into account
  • Overall production monitoring and reporting
  • Organization and monitoring of the validation cycle, both internally and with the customer
  • Final quality control and delivery
  • Post-delivery follow-up for continuous improvement of quality