Rich, functional content and applications

The Internet is now the main platform for information exchange. Its most essential feature is the continuous update of content, often provided in several languages.

With the development of online communication, static content and services have gradually turned to new technologies and multimedia to help the user experience soar to new heights!

Constant development

Internet and multimedia localization needs have thus increased exponentially, and become more diverse, in particular with the advent of search engine optimization (SEO) and multilingual search engine marketing (SEM).

The real-time synchronization of different language versions presents a huge challenge in terms of translation and adaptation for content with cultural connotations.

A variety of media types, styles, and subjects

Looking for a company with integrated skills for the translation and adaptation of the multimedia and audiovisual elements in your documents (videos, animations, subtitles, etc.)?

We can manage all aspects of multimedia localization, and have linguistic expertise in a variety of subject areas and styles, allowing us to approach the translation of any content type with confidence!

Our specialties

  • Web content and websites
  • SEO and SEM adaptation
  • Multimedia training materials
  • Animation, video, multimedia presentations
  • Audio transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Testing of interactive web or application interfaces