PassWord Europe provides multilingual translation of technical documentation for all types of communications media.

We translate and regularly update product data sheets for AEG Power Solutions as part of the translation services we provide—services that include translation of internal communications, web content, and marketing communications.

Providing information on a variety of energy management solutions and products, this content is characterized by a certain amount of repetition. Updates or variations for similar products are common.

For this reason especially, the creation of terminology reference bases and translation memories is very important.

Responsiveness is crucial success factor due to frequent requests.

Types of projects

Industry: energy
Product: technical documentation
Languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian
Volume: hundreds of thousands of words per year and per language

Summary of tasks performed

  • Translation and editing
  • Quality control
  • Creation of dictionaries and translation memories

Challenges and results

Creating a reference base in several languages and developing it

  • Identifying translation and adaptation needs within a company that is going through a significant period of change, due to changes in strategic decisions.
  • Already completed translations are not yet being fully leveraged.
  • From the outset, we centralized translation resources—glossaries, dictionaries, and translation memories—to create a reference base that could be shared and developed in collaboration with our customer.

Service that meets all translation's many requirements!