PassWord Europe provides multilingual translation and adaptation services for marketing communications.

We work each day for the marketing localization department of Adobe Systems, as well as many of its subsidiaries in Europe, with constant large volumes of work, to be translated and formatted in several target languages.

These projects invlove specific work processes, according to the customer's content management and validation systems.

Organization and management are very important and require highly specialized skills.

A high level of responsiveness is also required.

Types of projects

Industry: new technologies/software
Product: marketing documents, websites, multimedia
Languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew
Lest often: German and Scandinavian languages
Volume: several million words per year
Turnaround: ongoing

Summary of tasks performed

  • Translation and editing
  • Quality control
  • Creation of style guides
  • Linguistic and functional testing
  • Customer validation cycle management
  • Layout

Challenges and results

Providing significant resources and skills, adapting to multiple specifications and technical areas of expertise required by the customer

  • Relying on a collaborative basic infrastructure, we are constantly developing ways to integrate with the different platforms and environments of the customer, for both management and language production.
  • Training and frequent upgrades help us to follow changes in equipment and organizational prerequisites.
  • Due to the frequency of projects and the large volumes we translate, we coordinate the simultaneous work of teams of translators and proofreaders using common references (customer and product glossaries, style guides, shared translation memories) and other collaborative tools.

Using high-quality language resources and developing language production within a continuous cycle of validation and improvement

  • We put a lot of energy into the selection of appropriate language resources
  • We perform full revisions of translated content and quality checks
  • These validation and quality assurance processes are part of a continuous improvement process. Thanks to the ongoing integration of customer validations, we are continuously building our capacity to anticipate the customer's needs.

Service that meets the needs for global outsourcing of localization!